Bringing New Horizons to Therapy

A tradition of innovation

EDAP TMS history and innovations in prostate cancer and urinary tract stones treatments.

Since it was founded in 1979, EDAP TMS has been committed to introducing new and innovative technologies for a minimally-invasive approach to treating urological disorders.
These proprietary technologies such as Focused Ultrasound or Piezo-electric shock waves have yielded new minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of several pathologies such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, localized prostate cancer or urinary tract stones.
EDAP TMS' design philosophy is to develop minimally-invasive devices for the benefit of the patient associating treatment efficacy and safety. The strength of EDAP TMS' R&D is to master mechanical, acoustic, electronic and IT technologies to produce state-of-the-art and ergonomic medical devices.






EDAP TMS's products are alternatives to traditional surgical procedures which often involve high cost, significant side effects and long recovery times.
Founded in 1979, the Company originally specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of ultrasound scanners and produced the first piezo-electric lithotripter in 1985. In 1994, the Company purchased most of the assets of Technomed International S.A. ("Technomed''). Technomed was established in 1985 and launched an electrohydraulic lithotripter in 1986 and the Prostatron, a medical device using TUMT (Transurethral Microwave Therapy) for the minimally-invasive treatment of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous urological condition.

Lithotripters evolution


ESWL innovations and patents

Piezo-electric lithotripsy with in-line sonography (LT01).

1985 Cooperation between EDAP TMS and the INSERM (French Institute of Medical Research) leading to the development of the Sonolith® 2000 equipped with a conventional electrohydraulic generator.
1986 First ultrasound imaging navigator for ESWL (ultrasound imaging arm) on the Sonolith® 2000.
1990 Sonolith® hydrophone patent covering pressure regulation technology on ESWL shock-wave generators.
1994 EDAP TMS and INSERM jointly develop the patented Electroconductive technology for Sonolith® lithotripters.

Prostratron Maxi & Praktis

TUMT innovations and patents
1988 Prostatron patent to use microwaves and urethral cooling for BPH treatment.
1990 EDAP TMS develops the Prostatron using the microwave technology for the treatment of BPH. The Prostatron received CE mark and FDA approval.


3 Ablatherm modeles


HIFU innovations and patents
1989 EDAP TMS and INSERM jointly develop HIFU technology
1991 Patent on Ablahterm® transducer design covering geometry and materials.
1993 Ablatherm® HIFU is used for the first prostate cancer treatments on men (prototype device).
1994 Patent covering rectal wall monitoring function patent.
1996 The first multicenter study on Ablatherm® HIFU is launched.
1999 Ablasonic® fluid patent.
1999-2000 Ablatherm® HIFU receives the CE mark and industrial production starts.
2000 Ablapak® disposable kit patent.

Ablatherm® HIFU Integrated Imaging is launched. The probe integrates both the imaging and the treatment tranducers.

Integrated Imaging patent for the dual transducer Ablatherm® probe.


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