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Ablatherm® HIFU treatment registry

The global on-line outcomes management tool for Ablatherm® HIFU users.



Ablatherm® Treatment Registry


Mission statement

The @-Registry is an online data registry with the purpose of improving the understanding of prostate HIFU outcomes by collectively reporting the results of HIFU to the medical community via publications and presentations. For the individual physician the registry is a practice management tool to provide real time statistical feedback regarding their personal outcomes as well as individual patient reports.



Advisory board

The @-registry is overseen by an internationally recognized advisory board of urologists from 5 countries and is supported by EDAP TMS.

The advisory board manages the registry and facilitates primary:
- presentations, publications, projects.


Getting Started

  • Join the registry by contacting either your EDAP TMS representative or John Rewcastle, Medical Director.
  • Users begin by signing a Physician User Agreement.
  • Each site or physician (based on preference) will then receive a unique personalized password.
  • Patient information can now be loaded into the registry.




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Ablatherm® Treatment Registry

Ablatherm Treatment Registry