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ESWL 2010 - 01 : SWL is more cost-effective than ureteroscopy and Holmium:YAG laser lithotripsy for ureteric stones: A comparative analysis for a tertiary referral centre

A.N. Argyropoulos,D.A.Tolley - The Scottish Lithotriptor Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK
British Journal of Medical and Surgical Urology, (2010) 3, 65-71


ESWL 2009 - 01 : Failure after shockwave lithotripsy: is outcome machine dependent?

Athanasios N. Argyropoulos and David A. Tolley The Scottish Lithotriptor Centre, Western General
Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The international journal of clinical practice, October 2009, 63, 10, 1489 - 1493

"These data presents an argument against the term ‘ESWL-resistant stones'. A second lithotriptor was highly successful in a group of stones where another machine failed. A very high success rate was achieved, leaving only a small number of patients requiring other more invasive procedures. Lithotripters with different characteristics can have a huge difference in the results of ESWL. Future research in ESWL should focus on stone characteristics and development of machines with the ability to adapt to specific stone features."

ESWL 2007 – 01 : Outcomes using a fourth-generation lithotripter : a new benchmark for comparison?

Michael S. Nomikos, Steven J. Sowter and David A. Tolley, M.D. BJU International, 100, 1356 – 1360, December 2007

"[...] the Sonolith® Vision lithotripter is the latest development in lithotripter technology, and achieves success rates comparable with those from the HM-3, with very low re-treatment rates and an excellent safety profile. It matches the historical results obtained with HM-3 but with the significant advantage that the patient is treated as an outpatient under minimal analgesia. The results of the treatment with the Sonolith Vision should therefore be regarded as the new benchmark for the comparative assessment of new-generation lithotripters."


ESWL 2006 – 01 : Comparison of a New-Generation Electroconductive Spark Lithotripter and the Dornier Compact Delta for Ureteral Calculi in a Quaternary Referral Center

Richard J. Pemberton, M.B.B.S., FRACS and David A. Tolley, M.D. Journal of Endourology, vol. 20, Number 10, pp. 732-736, October 2006

"This latest generation electroconductive lithotripter [Sonilith® Vision] in its first 6 months of use has shown stone-free and re-treatment rates superior to those of the Dornier Compact Delta and approaching that of the Dornier HM-3. Lithotripsy remains our first-line treatment for all radiopaque ureteral calculi."


ESWL 2002 – 1 : Role of adjunctive medical therapy with Nifedipine & Deflazacort after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of ureteral stones

F. Porpiglia, P. Destefanis, C. Fiori, R.M. Scarpa, D. Fontana
University of Turin, San Luigi Hospital, Orbassano
Urology, n°59, pp. 835-838, 2002


ESWL 1999 – 1 : La lithiase urinaire : problèmes actuels

C. Saussine, C. Candau
Progrès en Urologie - Comité de la Lithiase de l'Association Française d'Urologie
Vol. 9, Supp. n°4, Numéro 5, 1999


ESWL 1996 – 1 : Lithotritie extracorporelle électroconductive avec le Sonolith® 4000+ Etude prospective de la désynchronisation de l'ECG par l'utilisation d'un simulateur à rythme fixe

T. Flam, D. Saïghi, F. Legagneux, Z. Ounnoughene, D. Duboc, N. Thiounn,
M. Bourlion, M. Zerbib, B. Debré
Clinique Urologique, Hôpital Cochin, 27 rue du Fg Saint-Jacques, 75014 Paris
Journal d'Urologie, 1996, 102, n°5-6, pp. 195-198


ESWL 1994 – 2 : Design and characterization of a shock wave generator using canalized electrical discharge: application to lithotripsy

M. Bourlion, P. Dancer, F. Lacoste - Technomed International, Research Department, Bron, France
J.L. Mestas, D. Cathignol - INSERM - Unité 28, Lyon, France
Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 65, n°7, July 1994


ESWL 1994 – 1 : Electroconductive lithotripsy : principles, experimental data and first clinical results of the Sonolith® 4000

T. Flam, M. Bourlion, N. Thiounn, F. Saporta, R. Chiche, P. Dancer, M. Zerbib,
B. Debré
Hôpital Cochin, Paris, France
Journal of Endourology, Vol. 8, n°4, pp.249-255, 1994


ESWL 1991 – 1 : Influence of water conductivity on the efficiency and the reproducibility of electrohydraulic shock wave generation

D. Cathignol, J.L. Mestas, F. Gomez, P. Lenz
Ultrasound in Med & Biol., Vol. 17, n°8, pp.819-828, 1991

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