Bringing New Horizons to Therapy

Sonolith® i-move, routine breaker

Sonolith® i-move, the new generation of modular lithotripter by EDAP TMS setting standards for the future of ESWL.


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Our 8th generation of lithotripter has been designed to increase ESWL treatment efficiency, accessibility (bariatric and pediatric patients, treatment of ureteral stones ...), safety (VisioTrack system for stone localization).

Unprecedented freedom in ultrasound imaging in ESWL



Exclusive VisioTrack system for unique stone localization and follow-up during treatment


  • Infrared Stereo Vision Technology
  • Hand-held Ultrasound probe for easy access to all stones
  • Automatic localization
  • Smart Ultrasound image display on touch screen interface
  • Real-time tracking of the stone during treatment

Sonolith® i-move: a versatile modular lithotripter adapted to all patients


  • Extended penetration depth up to 180mm for obese patients
  • Increased patient comfort with the 250mm treatment generator
  • Designed for endo-urology procedures

State-of-the-art fragmentation technology: Electroconductivity

  • EDAP TMS and Inserm patented technology
  • Proven fragmentation efficacy and fineness
  • Consistent efficiency over time with the patented Automatic Pressure Regulator
Smart investment
  • Many configurations available to adapt to all needs
  • Compatible with most X-ray C-arms and Ultrasound scanners available
  • Rationalized capital investment for optimal performance
  • Mobile device for pay-per-procedure solutions and intra-hospital shared ESWL

Sonolith® i-mov device