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Sonolith® i-sys integrated lithotripter : power, accuracy and user friendliness at your fingertip


Sonolith® i-sys Electroconductive Shock-wave Lithotripter

  • Ideal for public or private centers with moderate to high patient load
  • Fully integrated and transportable
  • Exclusive intuitive localization system “Stone Locking System” for a unique robotization level
  • Clinical versatility for ESWL and endourology procedures

Sonolith i-sys



Sonolith® i-sys



IHM i-sysThanks to the Stone Locking System, through the simple touch of a button on the Navigation Platform, stones can be identified.


Exclusive intuitive localization system “Stone Locking System” for an unprecedented level of robotization

  • By pressing on the stone on the touch screen, the system will automatically position the stone at F2
  • Both X-ray and U/S images are displayed in real-time on the navigation platform touch screen for accurate stone follow-up


IHM i-sysOnce the stone has been identified by X-ray or ultrasound, the table on which the patient lays is automatically positioned, pivoting on three axes to ensure the stone is at the treatment point (F2).


Dual isocentric and motorized imaging systems : X-ray and ultrasound

  • C-arm available in 3.5kW and 15kW
  • Internal or external U/S system
  • Exclusive motorized AUPS (ultra-sound probe holder) compatible with most U/S probes on the market

Real time and simultaneous display of X-ray and ultrasound images enables you to:

  • double check the stone position
  • follow stone movements in real time
  • reposition the stone without interrupting treatment

Greater accuracy

Fast stone localization

Increased efficacy



fire kidney stoneChoose the treatment parameters (pressure and frequency) from the Navigation Platform according to stone type, size and position. The unique features of this Electroconductive technology lead to complete and fine fragmentation of stones.



Clinical versatility for ESWL and endourology

  • Optimal access for ESWL treatment
  • Table compatible with various brands of surgical accessories
  • +/- 15° tilt for Tredelenburg position
  • Mobile screens for customized positioning and greater comfort

Patient comfort first

  • Sonolith® i-sys exclusive shock-wave generator features a penetration depth up to 210mm so that obese patients can benefit from painless, safe and efficient ESWL.
  • The 290mm generator diameter combined with a maximum shock wave entry area on patient skin of 914mm² (beam angle at F2 is 80°) produces very little pressure on the patient’s skin resulting in a pain-free treatment.
  • Treatment can be done without any anesthesia.

The Electroconductive technology dedicated to clinical and economic efficiency:

  • The patented Automatic Pressure Regulator (hydrophone) guarantees constant and optimal pressure delivery for
    • Fine and complete stone fragmentation
    • Low retreatment rate of only 14%
  • Proven clinical efficiency of the Electroconductive technology with :
    • 81.5% stone free rate after 60 days
    • 14% retreatment rate

Low re-treatment rate : 14%
Electroconductive technology :14%
Electromagnetic technology : 20 – 30%
Electrohydraulic technology : 45 – 65%



Highest stone-free rate
at 60 days: 81.5%

Superior efficacy whatever
the stone size

Highest stone free rate 81.5%
Superior efficacy


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