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Ablatherm® HIFU

Ablatherm® HIFU, minimally-invasive treatment for localized prostate cancer

InsermAblatherm® HIFU was jointly developed by Inserm (French Institute of Medical Research) and EDAP TMS in the early 1990s and is based on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology which creates a precise and irreversible coagulation necrosis of the targeted tissue while preserving the surrounding tissue.


Ablatherm® HIFU device



Ablatherm® HIFU is a fully robotic device (Robotic HIFU®) with innovative features that guarantee optimal safety and efficiency for each treatment.

This minimally-invasive technology causes few sides effects and helps continue patient quality of life.

Ablatherm® HIFU was the first High Intensity Focused Ultrasound device for the treatment of localized prostate cancer to receive the CE mark in 2000. In fact, the first patient was treated in 1993 with the first Ablatherm® HIFU.



Ablatherm-Hifu-countriesAblatherm® HIFU device world map


To see where Ablatherm® HIFU is now available please visit HIFU PLANET web site



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Hifu Planet Web site


Hifu Planet a patient web site

HIFU PLANET website was set up to provide patients with useful information relating to prostate cancer treatments and particularly on Ablatherm® HIFU treatment. The web site is now available in several languages.