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Patented Electroconductive Technology : 3 benefits

Electroconductive technology, the latest innovation in extracorporeal lithotripsy was developed and patented by EDAP TMS in partnership with the French Medical Research Institute (Inserm).

This technology combines the efficacy and fragmentation power of the original Electrohydraulic technology together with the accuracy and precision of the Piezoelectric source.


1. Power and accuracy

Thanks to the development of an exclusive and patented electrode encapsulated in a highly conductive solution (Electrolyte), the shockwave is generated at the same geometric point and at the same intensity from one firing to the next. The shock waves are then focused by the ellipsoidal reflector, specifically designed to harness benefits afforded by the Electroconductive technology benefits. The full power of the shock wave is transferred directly to the focal point F2 to guarantee superior fragmentation power and quality.



Electroconductive Technology vs Electrohydraulic Technology

Electroconductive Technology


Electroconductive source
Electroconductive source
Sonolith® Electroconductive Source
Electrohydraulic source

Electroconductive technology

  • The successive electrical discharges are uniform
  • All shock waves are generated from the same geometric point (F1)
  • No pressure loss due to micro bubbles at F1
  • Concentration of full power at F2

Fine and complete elimination
of all stones

Electrohydraulic technology

  • The successive electrical discharges are irregular
  • The shock wave is randomly generated around F1
  • Pressure diffusion (30% deflection) at F2



2. Reliable and safe

Automatic Pressure RegulatorAutomatic Pressure Regulator

The exclusive Automatic Pressure Regulator function incorporates an in-built hydrophone within the treatment head which measures and adjusts the required pressure in real time:

  • Consistent efficacy and fragmentation from one firing to the next
  • Safe therapeutic choice


3. Universal efficacy on all stone types and sizes

Disintegration coefficientNo stone is the same. The physical features of the Electroconductive technology offer a great flexibility in the choice of therapeutic protocol:

  • Extensive settings range

  • Variable energy density

  • Variable focal volume

Power and accuracy, reliability and safety for optimized clinical performance



Low re-treatment rate : 14%
Electroconductive technology :14%
Electromagnetic technology : 20 – 30%
Electrohydraulic technology : 45 – 65%



Highest stone-free rate
at 60 days: 81.5%

Superior efficacy whatever
the stone size

Superior efficacy



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