Bringing New Horizons to Therapy

Sonolith® Praktis: modular lithotripter

EDAP TMS’ Sonolith® Praktis features for clinical performance.

Sonolith® Praktis modular lithotripter featuring the patented Electroconductive technology for investment optimization and clinical performance.



Sonolith® Praktis


Sonolith® Praktis


  • Ideal for private centers with moderate patient load
  • Unique compatibility with most imaging systems
  • Compact, modular and easily transportable
  • Access to endourology applications

As part of a new modular endourological platform concept, the Sonolith® Praktis combines the latest technology developed in extracorporeal lithotripsy, electroconductivity, with a compact and innovative design.
The Sonolith® Praktis can be easily coupled with most currently used X-Ray C-arms and ultrasound scanners for accurate localization and real-time monitoring in the treatment of lithiases.



Sonolith® Praktis for high quality and cost effective lithotripsy

Proven clinical effectiveness

Electroconductive technology associated with efficacy, flexibility, pain-free treatments and reduced treatment duration.



Sonolith® Praktis is easy to install, no special personnel or equipment requirement. Adaptable to all currently used mobile X-Ray systems and ultrasound scanners.



Mobile, transportable and ergonomic. Adaptable to any healthcare environment.

Efficiency guaranteed

With one of the highest Efficiency Quotients (EQ) on the market i.e. 80,7% (Flam & al*), the Diatron III electroconductive generator ensures excellent results.

* “Electroconductive lithotripsy: Principles, Experimental Data and First Clinical Results of the Sonolith 4000”. Thierry A. Flam et al, Hôpital Cochin - Paris. Journal of Endourology, Vol 8, n°4, 1994



Safety and patient comfort

Pressure under control with the exclusive Automatic Pressure Regulator

The use of a hydrophone for real-time calculation of the power actually emitted combined with an innovative control ensures maximum safety and efficiency.


Patient comfort first

With its wide power range and optimized geometry, the Electroconductive technology offers total flexibility in the selection of the therapeutic protocol: from painless treatment to the highest disintegration efficacy.

  • Each treatment can be easily adapted to the patient according to their age and health.
  • Dual imaging and localization systems
  • Adaptable to existing imaging systems for better utilization

Thanks to its unique interface design, the Sonolith® Praktis is adaptable to most currently used X-Ray and ultrasound devices, reducing the capital investment required.



Perfectly integrated imaging systems

X-ray localization:

The unique attachment design allows easy adaptation of fluoroscopy C-arms.


A user-friendly ultrasound localization

The Sonolith® Praktis is equipped with an ultrasound system which allows localization and precise real-time monitoring of stone disintegration.

  • Isocentric design
  • Direct contact with patient skin
  • Convex transducer 3.5 Mhz
  • 3 automated axes



“Plus” remote control station

  • Real-time visualization of the stone and focal volume
  • Enables easy repositioning of the focal volume without interrupting treatment
  • Patient database to handle all patient treatment information