Ablatherm HIFU

Non-invasive treatment for prostate cancer

The Ablatherm® HIFU device has been developed since 1993 for the radical treatment of localized prostate cancer. It is suitable for men who are at risk for surgery due to their age or other associated illnesses, or who may not want to undergo surgery. It may also be suitable for men with cancer has recurrence following radiotherapy.

The Robotic HIFU Device

Two Modules, One Probe

  • Ablatherm deviceA treatment module,
  • A control module,
  • A probe with both treatment and imaging transducers.

HIFU Technology

  • Unitary lesion of 19 to 26 mm height per 1.7 mm width,
  • Automatic dispatching of the HIFU lesions,
  • Precise destruction of the tissue, Precise robotic movements,
  • Real-time tracking and adjustment of energy delivered.

Safety features

safety features ablatherm

  • Rectal cooling,
  • Patient movement detection,
  • Real time rectal wall monitoring.
Minimally-invasive therapy for prostate cancers

Patient installation

Patient installationAfter a local or general anaesthetic is administered, the patient lies down on his right hand side (right lateral decubitus) and stays in this position throughout the treatment.

Three phases treatment

Patients undergoing Ablatherm® HIFU treatment are given a general or spinal anesthetic. A probe is introduced in the rectum and the imaging transducer starts the gland scanning to plan the treatment. The treatment transducer then emits high intensity focused ultrasound in the prostate gland. At the point where the ultrasound waves are focused the absorption of the ultrasound beam creates a sudden temperature increase (around 85°C) which destroys the tissue in the targeted zone.

  1. 3D imaging (3D imaging of the prostate with 7.5MHz transducer)
  2. Treatment planning (fully adjustable treatment parameters to suit all prostate anatomies)
  3. Robotic treatment (robotic treatment of the prostate following the treatment plan)
Technological innovations for a better patient's management

HIFU Benefits

  • Non-invasive - Radiation free
  • Precise robotic treatment
  • Preservation of surrounding tissue, different treatment strategies: Whole gland / Nerve sparing / Hemiablation

Quality of life preservation

Short hospital stay, short recovery time, few side effects

Ablatherm HIFU video

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Ablatherm HIFU brochure

Brochure Ablatherm

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* Ablatherm® Robotic HIFU and Focal One® are CE marked and indicated in Europe and other parts of the world outside of the US for the treatment of localized Prostate Cancer. In the United States, Ablatherm® Robotic HIFU and Focal One are indicated for the ablation of prostate tissue. HIFU can be subject to local regulations. For more information, please contact us.

Mentions légales à la destination des professionnels de santé français :
L'Ablatherm® HIFU est fabriqué par EDAP TMS. Ce dispositif médical est un produit de santé réglementé qui porte, au titre de cette réglementation, le marquage CE. De classe IIb, son évaluation de conformité a été réalisée par le G-MED (0459). L'Ablatherm® HIFU est indiqué dans le traitement du cancer localisé de la prostate stade T1 ou T2. La destruction par ultrasons focalisés de haute intensité par voie rectale d'un adénocarcinome localisé de la prostate est prise en charge forfaitairement selon l'arrêté du 7 mai 2014 au titre de l'article L165-1 du code de la sécurité sociale dans le cadre du forfait innovation. Il est conseillé de consulter au préalable le manuel d'utilisation