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EDAP TMS provides high-end training to urology surgeons, OR staff and technicians using Ablatherm®, Focal One® and Sonolith® devices. The Company is registered as an official training entity in various countries.

HIFU Training

HIFU Training

Phase 1

The urology surgeon receives a HIFU training manual prior to visiting one of the qualified HIFU reference sites to observe a complete treatment process performed by a certified proctor treating his own patients. HIFU training materials include a training program, a training manual, a complete HIFU literature review and a device user manual.

Phase 2

The urology surgeon will treat his own patients in his hospital with the assistance of an EDAP TMS Application Engineer.

HIFU treatment simulator

EDAP TMS developed a HIFU treatment simulation software allowing surgeons to get trained on Ablatherm® and Focal One® treatment software in near-real conditions without any risk.

Phase 3

When a urology surgeon has performed a certain number of HIFU treatments with / or without proctoring, he is certified as HIFU user. A specific "HIFU User" certificate is issued confirming the surgeon's ability to use the HIFU device.

HIFU Expert

When a urology surgeon has performed a sufficient number of HIFU treatments, he may become an EDAP TMS certified HIFU trainer and proctor.

Nurse training

Nurses and OR staff are provided with a dedicated HIFU training program supported by a specific documentation.

ESWL Sonolith Training

ESWL Sonolith training

Sonolith® training is entirely performed at the urologist's clinical site with an EDAP TMS Application Engineer assisting the urologist on several treatments. Sonolith® training is divided in 2 levels:
Level 1

This level 1 is dedicated to training urologists, nurses and OR staff to check, set and start the Sonolith® device prior to treatment. Patient preparation and installation on Sonolith® lithotripter is also included in this initial training phase.

Level 2

At this stage, the urologist and/or OR staff are trained on the use of imaging systems (X-ray and ultrasound) to localize the stone and on the use of the lithotripter treatment modalities.

The training materials include a training program, a training manual, a complete literature review and a device user manual.

Nurse Guide

Specific training documentation for nurses and OR staff is available.

* Ablatherm® Robotic HIFU and Focal One® are CE marked and indicated in Europe and other parts of the world outside of the US for the treatment of localized Prostate Cancer. In the United States, Ablatherm® Robotic HIFU and Focal One are indicated for the ablation of prostate tissue. HIFU can be subject to local regulations. For more information, please contact us.