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ESWL Mobile Services


Sonolith ESWL mobile services


This "a-la-carte" service offers hospitals to rent a Sonolith® lithotripter for a day or more to treat patients scheduled for ESWL treatment. Designed for hospitals with light ESWL patient-load, Sonolith® Mobile Service offers great flexibility and involves no prior investment nor long term commitment.


Sonolith Mobile Services


We take care of bringing in, setting up and rolling out the equipment in and out of the operating room.

Professional assistance

An EDAP TMS Application Engineer will accompany you throughout the treatment procedure.


The supply of the necessary disposables in included in the price.


There is no maintenance to schedule and you are guaranteed that the machine comes in ready for your treatments.

State of the art

You are guaranteed to be using the most up-to-date software and hardware.


To enquire about availability of EDAP TMS' Sonolith® Mobile Service in your country, please fill in the contact form or contact your local EDAP TMS representative.