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Sonolith i-move

Break the routine

The new generation of modular lithotripters by EDAP TMS tailored to suit your specific needs.


The universal lithotripter

Sonolith i-move configurationsMany configuration to adapt to all needs:
  • Standard
  • Touch
  • Visio-Track

Designed with the patient in mind

New Diatron V shockwave generator with treatment depth up to 180 mm adapted to patients' morphology and a wide diameter generator providing more comfort and easier pain management. Variable treatment head position for smooth and universal adaptation to all types of cases.


Sonolith i-move mobilityCompact design
  • Treatment generator fitting inside the module
  • Touch-screen closing the module for protection and easy storage

High compatibility for smart investment

Maximum modularity and compatibility with existing hospital equipment:
  • Universal X-ray C-arm clamping system
  • IUPS: Isocentric Ultrasound Probe Support for cost effective ultrasound localization
  • Adaptable to your needs with standard Endo-i-move or full carbon endo-urological table
  • Mobile device for day-to-day and inter-hospital use
Stone localization and treatment

Visio-Track, Stereotactic Lithotripsy

"Freeline" ultrasound localization system

  • Unrestrained and precise stone localization
  • Automatic Stone Positioning
  • Simultaneous dual imaging
  • Real-time treatment follow-up
  • Radiation-free treatment

Stone Locking System

the patient with ultrasound in hand

the stone displayed on screen. The stone is automatically positionned at the focal point by the motorized patient support

with the desired parameters for fine and effective stone fragmentation

in real-time the stone fragmentation with the ultrasound probe on its support or with X-Ray. Always stay on target with the 3D reconstruction


Visio-Track , Stereotactic Lithotripsy

A user-friendly system to guarantee the best treatment efficacy


Power and accuracy

generatorThanks to the development of an exclusive and patented electrode encapsulated in a highly conductive solution (Electrolyte), the shockwave is generated at the same geometric point and at the same intensity from one firing to the next. The shock waves are then focused by the ellipsoidal reflector, specifically designed to harness benefits afforded by the Electroconductive technology benefits. The full power of the shock wave is transferred directly to the focal point F2 to guarantee superior fragmentation power and quality.

Reliable and safe

The Exclusive Automatic Pressure Regulator measures and adjusts in real time the pressure at the focal point. This system ensures consistency shock after shock so every patient benefits from the same treatment quality, month after month.

Universal efficacy on all stone types and sizes

focal volumeThe physical features of the Electroconductive technology offer a great flexibility in the choice of therapeutic protocol:
  • Extensive settings range
  • Variable energy density
  • Variable focal volume

The finest fragmentation

The unique Electroconductive technology (ECL) is endowed with just the right combination of high pressure and focal size adaptability to pulverize stones into fragments small enough to be eliminated naturally. The comparison of residual fragments after the in-vitro fragmentation of a phantom stone (left) using an electromagnetic shockwave generator (middle) and the ECL source provides clear evidence of finer fragmentation... achieved with fewer shocks.




Sonolith i-move video

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360° Sonolith i-move

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Sonolith i-move brochure

Brochure i-move

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Mentions légales à la destination des professionnels de santé français :
Sonolith® i-move est un lithotripteur extracorporel fabriqué par EDAP TMS. Ce dispositif médical est un produit de santé réglementé qui porte, au titre de cette réglementation, le marquage CE. De classe IIb, son évaluation de conformité a été réalisée par le G-MED (0459). Le Sonolith® i-move est conçu pour fragmenter les calculs situés dans l'arbre urinaire. L'acte de lithotritie extracorporelle est pris en charge par les organismes d'assurance maladie selon certaines conditions. Il est conseillé de consulter au préalable le manuel d'utilisation.