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Nov 12, 2015
EDAP Records First Three U.S. Orders for Ablatherm HIFU

EDAP Records First Three U.S. Orders for Ablatherm HIFU


First HIFU Devices to be Shipped to the U.S. Next Week

EDAP TMS SA, the global leader in therapeutic ultrasound, today announced that it signed contracts for the sale of three Ablatherm® HIFU devices to prominent U.S. urology groups.

The Company expects to start shipping systems from its manufacturing facility in France to U.S. locations within the next ten days.

Marc Oczachowski, Chief Executive Officer of EDAP commented: "We are extremely pleased to announce that we have in-hand our first orders in the U.S., with three sales contracts signed and being executed. Since FDA clearance of our Ablatherm Robotic HIFU device, we have been receiving a significant number of queries from urologists and other stakeholders in the urology community. Thanks to our established sales and services network in the U.S., we are diligently responding to this strong demand."

Oczachowski concluded: "We are very excited to see that our commercialization plans are showing immediate results and that our technology is generating such positive feedback from the U.S. market."