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Nov 28, 2017
Urologic Surgeons AZ Offer New Treatment for Prostate Cancer


Mesa Practice is First in Arizona to Use Minimally Invasive HIFU Procedure, Presents Low Risk of Impotence, Incontinence to Patients

Thanks to advances in ultrasound technology, men in Arizona now have a new option to consider after receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU is a minimally invasive procedure that directs high-frequency sound waves to ablate prostate tissue, with a low risk of triggering the common side effects of impotence or incontinence that can result from traditional prostate cancer modalities.
Urologic Surgeons of Arizona in Mesa is the first in Arizona to offer this option to patients with localized prostate cancer, cancer that has spread in but not beyond the capsule of the prostate gland, and has not reached other parts of the body.
Kashif Alvi, MD, Urologist at Urologic Surgeons of Arizona is performing HIFU procedures at the Surgery Center of Gilbert, using the Ablatherm® Robotic HIFU from EDAP TMS.
A Preferable Option
When Reggie Dye went for a wellness check back in October 2016 his PSA was on the high end of normal ranges. He followed up with his primary physician for further testing, especially since his father was a prostate cancer survivor. His doctor referred him to Dr. Kashif Alvi, who performed a biopsy and discovered cancer cells in one of the 12 samples taken.

Dr. Alvi advised Dye that his prostate cancer was in the early stages and hadn't progressed enough to warrant more serious measures as a full prostatectomy. His typical options included active surveillance, radiation therapy and cryotherapy. However, Dr. Alvi suggested a new option, HIFU, since his cancer was localized.
"I was young, healthy and in good shape and thought the HIFU procedure sounded like the best option for me, and it was worth a shot,"

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