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Apr 21, 2014
Reimbursement of HIFU

EDAP TMS Announces Reimbursement of HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer by France's Ministry of Health

Marisol Touraine at EDAP TMSEDAP TMS SA (Nasdaq:EDAP), the global leader in therapeutic ultrasound, announced today the reimbursement of prostate cancer treatment procedures using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound ("HIFU") by the French health authorities. The French Minister of Social Affairs and Health outlined the acceptance of HIFU treatment for prostate cancer for reimbursement during a visit to the Company's headquarters on April 18, 2014. Such reimbursement is part of an innovative process to further validate breakthrough therapies and to accelerate reimbursement process based on clinical trials and data registries.

Pierre Reboul, EDAP's VP of France's Business Unit, commented, "We are very pleased with the French authorities' decision to grant reimbursement as they recognize the benefits of HIFU technology as a treatment option for prostate cancer. HIFU treatment offers a non-invasive approach to treating prostate cancer that minimizes side effects such as incontinence and impotence, and therefore allows patients to preserve their quality of life. We are grateful for the support of the French Association of Urology ("AFU") for initializing the reimbursement process that led to today's recognition and reimbursement."

Marc Oczachowski, EDAP's Chief Executive Officer, said, "This reimbursement is a major milestone for EDAP and its HIFU technology. This recognition further validates EDAP's HIFU devices for prostate cancer treatment and we look forward to working toward increasing adoption of EDAP's HIFU technology in France and in markets around the world."

Mr. Oczachowski continued, "We were extremely honored to welcome the French Minister of Social Affairs and Health to EDAP's headquarters last Friday. Mrs. Marisol Touraine came to see for herself our technology and personally confirmed that she officially signed for the reimbursement of HIFU treatment for prostate cancer within the framework of her innovative technologies program."