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Mar 4, 2019
Houston Methodist's Reinforces EDAP's Position as a Leading HIFU Innovator


Houston Methodist Hospital, has acquired Focal One®, the most advanced HIFU technology available today

Houston Methodist Hospital initially invested in EDAP's first generation HIFU system, Ablatherm, in early 2016, and within two years of positive experience made the decision to invest in the next generation Focal One device. This confirms the benefits of EDAP's innovative HIFU technology not only for patients, but also in terms of hospital financials.  Based on a solid business case built upon Ablatherm's usage, the Hospital showed a rapid return on investment, resulting in the acquisition of Focal One.

"Each proposal for cutting edge medical technology must demonstrate how a new procedure will benefit patients, how it differs from competing technologies and how it contributes to the hospital's overall growth," said Michael Garcia, Senior Vice President, Operations at Houston Methodist Hospital.  "In deciding whether to invest in Focal One, we applied these same due diligence principles that we used in the previous technology evaluations. Following the successful business case that we experienced with Ablatherm, we believe Focal One's capabilities will meet and exceed our expectations." 

 "Focal One realizes the promise of focal therapy for prostate cancer that has long been anticipated," said Brian Miles, MD, Professor of Urology at Houston Methodist's Weill Cornell Medical College who championed the effort to acquire Focal One. "Just like the lumpectomy has become a standard option for treating breast cancer, we can now use Focal One to ablate only the diseased portion of the prostate when appropriate, rather than removing the prostate altogether."

"Houston Methodist Hospital's acquisition of Focal One is a clear validation of Focal One's superior technology," commented Marc Oczachowski, Chief Executive Officer of EDAP TMS. "By upgrading from Ablatherm, Houston Methodist is confirming the strong clinical interest and technological benefits of Focal One, the latest generation HIFU device, compared to first generation devices currently available in the U.S. We believe Focal One is well positioned to become the standard of care for the focal treatment of localized prostate cancer worldwide."